Terms & Conditions


Rules, Regulations, Policies & Procedures
At Robusto our goal is to provide our members a clean, healthy and safe environment for their
workouts. To achieve this, we also seek cooperation and support from our members. Below are list of
rules and regulations which we would like our members to adhere too.
Working Hours
● On Weekdays the opening hours will be between 5.00am to 11.00pm.
● On Saturday and Sunday opening hours will be between 6.00am to 10.00pm.
● Timings are subject to change without prior notice.
● For maintenance purpose we shall be closing the gym for one day in a month. This will be communicated one day
prior to all members.
● Robusto will remain closed on Public Holidays. Information on holidays will be displayed on the notice board at the
front desk

Health and Safety
● Members affirm that they are in good physical condition to exercise and those unaccustomed to exercising are
recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional before engaging in physical activity.
● Members who feel unwell while using our facilities, should stop the activity immediately and approach our staff for
● Members should be aware that engaging in any physical exercise and training may lead to injury. By working-out in
the Robusto, members have to take full responsibility of their health and safety. At no account Robusto Management
and its staff will be liable for cause of injury or for death. No claims will be made against Robusto and its staff for any
reasons whatsoever.
● Our Fitness experts are always around to guide you in proper usage of equipment, in case you need to know how to
use any equipment please ask and they will be happy to assist you.
● Membership is non-refundable and non- transferable. It cannot be exchanged with any group activities or different
● All the payments should be made at front desk in exchange for a valid receipt. Members are advised to retain the
receipt for the entire duration of their membership. No disputes or arguments will be entertained without presenting
a valid receipt.
● Membership is not on usage basis. It is a fee, permitting access to the Robusto for a certain prefixed time period. The
unused number of days cannot be extended nor will the amount be refunded, if not used by the member for any
● Membership period starts from the date of registration at the front desk and not from the date the member starts
using the facility for workout
● The membership fees and other services offered are subject to change without prior notice
● Grant of membership admission and Renewals are solely at the discretion of Robusto Management
● Only annual membership can be frozen to a maximum period of 20 days at a stretch
● Personal information including a photo will be used to validate access.
● Member can upgrade to a longer duration or to a higher time slot for the balance period of his/her membership by
paying the difference in an amount at the prevailing rate.

Personal training
● Only authorized Robusto Personal Trainers are permitted to provide personal training
● Non-usage of personal training sessions (within the specified validity date) will not entitle any member for any refund
or compensation either in terms of money or extended sessions
● Providing and change of personal trainers is solely the discretion of the Robusto and cannot be changed at the
request of the members availing the training.
● Any program such as weight loss/gain is dependent on person to person and his/her daily routine and body
composition. Robusto does not provide any assurance or guarantee on achievement in specific time period.

Usage of facility
● Children below the age of 12 are strictly prohibited from entering the facility. Members aged between 13 to 18 years
should be accompanied by a parent/guardian or should declare a written authorization from the parent/guardian
who is responsible for such minor members.
● Members are requested to change into their work-out shoes, after coming to Robusto in order to maintain hygiene
and causing any damage to equipment
● Proper training attire should be worn at all times while in Robusto by members. Proper training shoes should be
worn. No open-toed slippers or sandals, and no training without a shirt.
● Members are expected to respect each other’s time schedule and should not hold on to a particular equipment for
too long time (max 20 mins for cardiovascular equipment’s)
● Do not drop or bang weights on floor (correct dropping of weights only permitted on the dedicated weight lifting
area). For safety, please do not work out too closely to mirrors. Individuals may be charged for the damage due to
● For convenience to others, weights, dumbbells and equipment must be returned to their original places immediately
after use. Do not leave weight plates on the bars or scattered on the floor at any time.
● No photo-taking, video or audio recording is allowed without prior approval from Robusto
● Be sensitive to other members working around you, talking loudly, screaming, shouting and usage of foul language is
not accepted
● No request or demand for playing particular audio track will be accepted
● Tobacco, food, chewing gum, glass bottles, and cans are not permitted for use in the facility.
● Usage or carrying of Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and banned substances are not permitted
● Robusto will not be liable for any loss or theft of their belonging while the member is inside
● Robusto premises has CCTV installed for security and safety purpose

Termination of membership
At Robusto, we want to provide a safe and respectful environment for our members and staff. Violations of below regulations
by any member will lead to immediate termination of his membership.
● Robusto has zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment. One cannot physically/sexually /verbally abuse any of other
members, guests, trainers, and staff.
● Causing damage to equipment’s and property
● Incorrect details while membership registration and not providing proof of his identity as a member when requested,
● Violation of any government laws & regulations
● Indulging in any behavior of solicitation or disturbing any other member

Robusto managements hold the rights to make changes to its policy, rules and regulations time to time to provide
a great workout place to our members. Please read the above rules and regulation carefully. In case of suggestions
and feedback please feel free to send us an email at robustoblr@gmail.com.