Robusto Teens

In today’s competitive sports, just having the great skill is not enough. After course of time there is little improvement which can be done on skill side but what truly brings the differentiation is the agility, speed and endurance. From playing for just 20-30 mins to 90 mins , needs endurance. Sports conditioning is essential at the youth level and should be a part of any youth athletes development. Benefits of proper programs helps in less chance of injuries, Gains in muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, Increase cardio-respiratory endurance, Increase lean body mass and decrease body fat – Enhance the motor fitness skills and sports performance.

At Robusto, under certified sports coaches we provide specific training to build speed, muscular strength & Endurance, power, Agility, flexibility and balance. Like all programs this is specific goal oriented program. We have equipment's such as PLYOSOFT BOX, REACTION PRO BOUNDER, speed ladder, agility grid, lateral endurance hurdle, lateral speed resistors to assist in achieving the desired performance. For this program, it is mandatory to get medical examination done prior to joining and program is for age group of 12 to 16 years.