Strength & Conditioning

When it comes to working out and getting healthy, one of the key components is strength and conditioning. Whether you are into sports, want to get into shape or lead a active life, building strength matters. In order to achieve your fitness goals you need to have a strong core. This is why strength and conditioning is of prime importance. It helps to prevent injury, build good structure and posture to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style.

At Robusto we have state of art equipment's to assist you achieve your goals. From Smith Machine, Multi station Machines, Chest /Shoulder press, leg extension/curls, Pec fly to spinners, Air dine Bikes, elliptical treadmills, you will find everything you would aspire to use.

What makes us special is, our coaches guide you to use these
machines in correct way to get best results. Unlike other fitness centers you will never find yourself wondering in gym and figuring out how to and most importantly why to use the machine. You step in at Robusto and you get going as if you have been doing this for years and been an integral part of growing Robusto family.